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Every Person Doing Business Online Needs To Create A Lot Of Content.

You Can Create A Lot Of Profit By
Helping Them Do What They Need.

Get this done-for-you lead magnet to build and monetize your list while helping others create content that attracts, amazes and assists their audiences…

You Can Help Content Creators In Many Ways, But You Can’t
Do It Any Easier Than This:  Download.  Rebrand. Deliver.

Let’s just be honest about something:  not all “lead magnets” are created equal.  That is, the free offers that business owners make in order to convince prospects to join their lists are varied in their quality.  Some are awesome.  Some are awful.  Most are somewhere in between. Whatever you do, you want to make sure you’re closer to the “awesome” end of the spectrum than the “awful” end of it.  Otherwise, two bad outcomes are likely:  people won’t join your list, or they won’t stay subscribed to your list if they do join.  Either way, they aren’t going to get a benefit, and you aren’t going to get a profit.  Awesome lead magnets (resources you give away to attract new subscribers to your list) accomplish both of those objectives:  they provide genuine benefit [usefulness, helpfulness] to your audience for free while pointing to an additional, related paid offer that they can purchase so you earn a profit.  My question is:  does your lead magnet do that, especially for the incredibly huge market of those who create content online?  If so, kudos to you.  If no, then what you’re about to read is going to be incredibly exciting to you.  You can obtain licensing to a great set of content creation cheat sheets, insert your own branding and offers (tweak them in any way you choose), and give them away to build and monetize your list.  

You Can Use These Cheat Sheets In Two Ways:  To Turn Browsers Into Prospects And Prospects Into Buyers.

Introducing:  Write Like A Pro Cheat Sheets

Set Of Eight Content Creation Cheat Sheets With
Editable Source Files Available For Immediate Download

This is a low-resolution scan of all eight cheat sheets. 
See below for a high-resolution preview of each individual cheat sheet.

When you secure a PLR license to Write Like A Pro, you will be able to sell or give away these cheat sheets to help your audience create content faster, easier and better … while also embedding backend offers into the footer of these cheat sheets to promote your own paid offer (or one that you promote as an affiliate, such as Specifically, here are the eight cheat sheets included…

• The Ideation Cheat Sheet: an at-a-glance overview of brainstorming and researching ideas.

• The Research Cheat Sheet: an at-at-glance overview of finding information and talking points.

• The Titling Cheat Sheet: an at-a-glance overview of creating benefit-rich, attention-grabbing titles.

• The Structure Cheat Sheet: an at-a-glance overview of organizing and outlining all ideas.

• The Writing Cheat Sheet: an at-a-glance overview of writing content that audiences love.

• The Revision Cheat Sheet: an at-a-glance overview of fine-tuning content for a professional result.

• The Formatting Cheat Sheet: an at-a-glance overview of preparing content to be read.

• The Hacks Cheat Sheet: an at-a-glance overview of getting the most out of your content.

Write Like A Pro is a set of eight premium cheat sheets that includes only my best field-tested ideas that come from more than 20 years of personal experience creating content that keeps my customers coming back for more.

Each cheat sheet is beautifully designed (as you will see below), provides helpful ideas and insights at a glance, and can be edited in just about any way that you want (colors, text, offers, etc.) and distributed in just about any way you want (free or paid) to help your audience and grow your business. 

Write Like A Pro is perfect for you to give away to attract new subscribers to your list, as a freemium to those already on your list to presell paid offers, as membership content for your members, as a bonus for another offer, as part of a package deal, as content for your blog and much more.  Or, you can sell them in a variety of ways as well.  Whether offering these eight cheat sheets as free content or paid content, you’ll definitely want to offer them

And because I’m a big believer in letting others “try it before you buy it,” I’ll even let you download a preview version (watermarked) of all eight cheat sheets so you can decide if Write Like A Pro is a good fit for you…

Millions Of People Around The World Need To Create Content…

You Can Sell Or Give Away The Eight
Write Like A Pro Cheat Sheets To Grow Your List, Your Traffic And Your Sales

You Will Receive An Editable .PSD File For Each Cheat Sheet.
You Will Need Software To Edit Such As Photoshop (Paid) Or Gimp (Free).

Order Private Label Rights (PLR) Now…

You will receive all eight cheat sheets in editable .psd files (download the free Gimp software program to edit them).  You can add your name and branding to the cheat sheets, edit them in any way you want, extract from them or add to them or distribute them as is, sell them or give them away in whole or in part, and use them as if you created them yourself. There are many ways you can use this product in your business… click here for ideas and terms of use. Note: There are no refunds for PLR. 

You will receive the product in editable .PSD format. 
You MAY sell or give away any portion of the product to other people.

Best regards,

P.S. Still on the fence?  Download the preview of the full set of cheat sheets above and take some time to review it.  You’ll see exactly what kind of product this is, and why it can be so helpful to you in serving your audience and profitable to your business as you serve them.  But don’t take too much time … you’ll want to put this product to use as soon as possible to start getting results.

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