Give Away Content.  Get Affiliate Commissions.

If you are an experienced affiliate and are interested in an active, ongoing partnership to promote Earncome products, please complete these three simple steps

1. Submit A Completed Tax Document.

In order to get started, you’ll need to complete a W-9 form and submit it to us. Visit to access this form. Once you have completed it, simply open a ticket, request your affiliate account to be activated, and attach the tax document through the “Add Attachments” button.  

NOTE: If you are a non-US resident, please use this form:

2. Secure Your Affiliate Links.

Once we review your submitted form, we will activate your affiliate account (usually within 24 hours) and links will be available inside your control panel. At that point, you’ll need to put your Paypal email address into your affiliate profile in order to receive commission payouts.  

NOTE: To do this, login to your account here and click on the “Affiliate Info” tab.  Choose “Payout Method” from the dropdown menu and update your information.You can also retrieve your affiliate links under the previously mentioned “Affiliate Info” tab.  Important… This tab will not appear in your account until after we receive the completed tax document and activate you as an affiliate.

3. Start Your Product Promotions.

Now it’s time for you to begin earning commissions through your referrals.  This is our favorite part. 🙂 Visit the affiliate resources center for rebrandable content you can use to promote offers.  Simply choose an offer to promote, insert your affiliate link, click the rebranding button and you’ll have a customized PDF ready to give away in a matter of seconds.

That’s it!  Three simple steps, and you’re all set.  Of course, if you have any questions at all, please open a support ticket, and someone will promptly assist you.

By joining and participating in the affiliate program,
you acknowledge that you agree with the affiliate program agreement.

The Benefits Summarized…

50% commission.  Year-to-date profit-sharing.  Last click wins.  Premium content to use in preselling.  

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