Give Away Content.  Get Affiliate Commissions.


STEP ONE:  Choose An Offer To Promote.

The following content is currently available for you to embed with your affiliate link to promote the related paid offer…

To Promote Content Creation U…

• The Content Creation Worksheet
• Write Like A Pro Cheat Sheets
• 101 Content Title Templates That Get Attention

To Promote Earncome Courses…

• Checklists That Sell (Preview Lesson)
• The Freemium Formula (Preview Lesson)
• Guides That Sell (Preview Lesson)
• Types And Tactics (Preview Lesson)
• The Funnel Formula (Preview Lesson)
• Businessentials (Preview Lesson)
• The Guest Blogging System (Preview Lesson)
• Survey Says (Preview Lesson)
• Memberships That Sell (Preview Lesson)

To Promote Earncome Resources…

• The Content Objective And Outcome Worksheet (Excerpt)
• Content Completed (Set Of Five Checklists)
• The Big Book Of Ideas For Course Creation (Excerpt)
• The Big Book Of Ideas For Using PLR (Excerpt)

To Promote The Free Licensing Program…

• Membercome (Preview Lesson)

STEP TWO:  Collect Your Unique Referral Link.

1. Login to the member center.

2. Click the “Affiliate Info” tab in the header.

3. Select “Banners And Links” from the dropdown menu.

4. Copy the appropriate referral link.

STEP THREE: Click Through To Generate Customized Content.

1. Click the link below to launch the rebrander and follow the instructions on that page to complete the process for generating content with your unique affiliate referral link embedded.  

2. Open the generated PDF and test the link to verify two important things…

• First, that the link takes you to the correct offer page.

• Second, that the click has been recorded to your account. 

To do this, select “Statistics” from the Affiliate Info dropdown menu.  Look at the current clicks.  Click on the link in the PDF, wait until you arrive at the sales page for the product, refresh the Statistics page and verify that the click total has increased by one.

One final note…

You may customize as many of the rebrandable pieces of content as you want.  In fact, we’d love for you to give them all away. 

The more you do, the more clicks and commissions you’ll likely get.

If you have any questions at all, login to the member’s area and open a support ticket.  Someone will reply back within 24 hours, excluding holidays and weekends.

The Benefits Summarized…

50% commission.  Year-to-date profit-sharing.  Last click wins.  Premium content to use in preselling.  

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