There Is A Simple Way
For You To Create The
Maximum Benefit For Your Audience And Maximum Profit For Your Business

You want to put into place the least amount of moving parts to produce
the greatest amount of results for you and the people you serve.

Make A Difference For Others.  Make Money For Yourself.
Make The Most Of Your Opportunity To Do The Biggest Good.

  • Your complete primer for choosing and creating four simple pieces of your sales funnel to turn browsers into buyers and buyers into repeat buyers by snapping free offers, low-priced offers, premium offers and backend offers into one seamless system.
  • Everything you need (and nothing you don’t) to quickly and easily set up a popular, profitable customer journey that is un-complicated (for you and them) so you can generate real benefit for your audience and real profit for your business. 
  • Training that you can work through at your own pace to make a difference helping others solve their problems, reach their goals and enjoy their interests while making $7, $27, $47, $97, $197, $497 and even $997 per order.
  • All the best ideas and insights that have been field-tested and perfected over the past 20 years for creating information products that sell well and serve the buyers well, no matter what niche market you’re in.

5 Courses.  50 Lessons. 300+ Pages Of Training.

“Simply said … this works!”

It’s Like Taking A 1000-Piece Puzzle 
And Making It Into A 4-Piece Puzzle…

You’re in business for two reasons, right? 

First, you do what you do in order to help your audience solve their problems, reach their goals and/or enjoy their interests. 

Second, you want to generate revenue that you can spend on the things that matter most to you and your family. 

The problem that many people face in pursuing these two things is that they make the process way too complicated

Either the business owner gets stuck trying to fit all the pieces together, or the potential customer gets stuck trying to navigate through all the pieces to get the help they need. 

There must be a better way! Fortunately, there is. 

It involves stripping things down to the bare minimum pieces (just four) to effectively create a beneficial and profitable customer journey that takes your audience from someone who doesn’t know you to a subscriber to a paying customer to a loyal, satisfied, repeat customer. 

This is done through a SIMPLE sales funnel.

A sales funnel is the customer journey from not-a-customer
to paying customer to repeat customer.

In other words, it is a planned path toward purchases with a few points that help keep the customer moving from one to the next.

Those in your target audience have needs that you can help meet, and setting up a simple sales funnel is the quickest, easiest way to do it … if you follow the blueprint I’m about to share with you. 

In Funnels That Sell, you’ll learn how to turn just four pieces of content into a streamlined system that generates more benefits for your audience and more profits for your business

Here are the main pieces of your funnel:

1. Freemium Offer (AKA lead magnet), a free offer to get people into your sales funnel.

2. Frontend Offer (AKA tripwire offer), a low-cost offer to turn prospects into paying customers.

3. Foundational Offer (AKA core offer), your flagship, high-ticket offer.

4. Finishing Offer (AKA backend offer), an additional offer to turn your customer into a repeat buyer.

At each stage, you will help your audience make progress toward their desired outcome.  Each offer should further move your audience from “before” to “after” in the pursuit of what they want.

Think of it like this across the four main pieces… 

1. Freemium Offer: Free Help.

2. Frontend Offer: Budget-Friendly Help.

3. Foundational Offer: Premium Help.

4. Finishing Offer:  Even More Help.

Best of all, you’ll get all the ideas and insights you need to ensure that you and your customers don’t get “stuck” anywhere along the way.  There’s simply no reason to make this complicated.

Everyone knows the importance of creating a sales funnel, but you can actually alienate customers if you try to do too many things to force a sale.  That’s why I teach setting up a “simple” (but very effective!) funnel.

Learn this now: 

The more you keep things simple, the more likely
you and your audience will both get what you want.

Funnels That Sell is perfect for those who are looking for a simple, straightforward solution to help others and make money without strong-arm tactics.  If you care about your community, your reputation and your bottom line, then you’ll appreciate the way funnels are explained in this content.

It is easy to read, digest and put to work immediately.  It is also perfect for beginners and up, simple enough that newbies can use it, and insightful enough that seasoned pros can glean from it.  As usual, it is written in the style I’m known for … making things simple. 

Bottom line…

It’s Like Taking A 1000-Piece Puzzle And Making It A 4-Piece Puzzle…
The Final Image Looks The Same But Putting It Together Is A Lot Easier!

So, let me tell you a bit more about what you can access today to help you set up your own popular, profitable sales funnel for maximum results with minimum effort…

Introducing:  Funnels That Sell

How To Generate Maximum Benefit For Your Audience
And Maximum Profit For Your Business.

300+ Pages Of Training Available
For Immediate Download

Here Are The Five Courses In Funnels That Sell
Which You Can Download Today…

Course One: How To Set Up Your Sales Funnel
So You Can Make A Difference And Make Money

You will appreciate this “no fluff, no filler” jam-packed course that is fully loaded with “easy-to-understand, easy-to-use” lessons that include…

• Mapping Out The Customer Journey To Maximize Benefits And Profits

• The 4 Essential Pieces Of Every Funnel (And Ideas For What To Include)

• How To Plan The Perfect F.U.N.N.E.L. That Makes A Difference And Money

• Your 3 Best Options To Help People Take Steps Forward In Your Funnel

• Funnel Follow-Ups: How To Build Automated Email Campaigns That Work 24/7

• Funnel Fixes:  5 Ways To Remove Every Objective Obstacle For Bigger Gains

• 7 Additional Types Of Funnels You Can Turn On For “Set It And Forget It” Sales

• The Top Ten Best Practices To Get Next Level Results From Your Funnels

• Platform Primer:  How To Decide Which Funnel Platform Is Best For You 

• 7 Keys to Writing “Hope, Not Hype” Copy For All Of Your Funnel Pages

63 Pages Of “No Fluff, No Filler” Training!

Course Two: How To Create Free Content That
Leads People To Purchase Paid Products

You will appreciate this “no fluff, no filler” jam-packed course that is fully loaded with “easy-to-understand, easy-to-use” lessons that include…

• The #1 Formula For Creating Free Content That Gets Customers Fast

• 10 Kinds Of Easy-To-Create Free Offers That Your Audience Is Sure To Love

• 50 Instant Ideas For What To Give Away To Your Audience For Free

• How To Choose A Topic And Title That Really Connects With Your Community

• Seven Keys To Creating Popular, Profitable Freemiums From The Beginning

• The Top 5 Mistakes People Make With Free Content (+What To Do Instead)

• Seven Ways To Create High-Quality Free Offers In 30 Minutes Or Less

• 20 “Set It And Forget It” Ideas For Distributing Free Content

• How To Give Away The “Just Right” Amount Of Content (Not Too Little/Much)

• Next Level Results:  7 Things You Can Do To “Help More, Profit More”

71 Pages Of “No Fluff, No Filler” Training!

Course Three:  How To Create Low-Price, High-Conversion
Offers That Turn Browsers Into Buyers

You will appreciate this “no fluff, no filler” jam-packed course that is fully loaded with “easy-to-understand, easy-to-use” lessons that include…

• The Frontend Formula Strategy For Creating And Monetizing A Buyers List

• 5 Keys To Turning A $7 Product Into A $97 Sale (+ Securing Long-Term Sales)

• Three Types Of Frontend Products That Sell Well (And Are Easy To Create)

• How to Turn Blog Content Into a Bankable Course (To Earn $19.97 Per Order)

• How To Convert Existing Content Into A Set Of Sellable Tools

• 51 Ideas for Frontend Products To Get You Moving In The Right Direction

• 3 Ways To Create Your Frontend Product Quickly (Fast, Faster and Fastest)

• Five Mistakes People Make With Frontend Products (And What To Do Instead)

• The 7-Step Frontend P.R.O.D.U.C.T. Creation Checklist

• The Done-For-You, Fill-In-The-Blanks Frontend Product Sales Letter Template

51 Pages Of “No Fluff, No Filler” Training!

Course Four: How To Develop Signature
Products To Sell At Premium Prices

You will appreciate this “no fluff, no filler” jam-packed course that is fully loaded with “easy-to-understand, easy-to-use” lessons that include…

• The Goal: Creating A Premium Package That Is Perfect For Every Customer

• Your Three-Step System for Creating a Popular, Profitable Package

• The #1 Key To Your Long-Term Signature Offer Success

• The Foundation of Your Foundational Product is Your Lesson Library

• 15 Things To Include In Your Package To Please Your Paying Customers

• 5 Ways To Quickly And Easily Assemble Your Package (Time-Saving Shortcuts)

• 10 Best Practices For Creating Your Best Package And Getting Best Results

• The Uncomplicated Guide to Pricing and Platforms

• A Fill-In-The-Blank Sales Letter To Show People Your Package Can Help Them

• Eight Extras for Generating More Profit From Your Package

45 Pages Of “No Fluff, No Filler” Training!

Course Five:  How To Get Additional Orders From
Loyal Customers Who Love Your Products

You will appreciate this “no fluff, no filler” jam-packed course that is fully loaded with “easy-to-understand, easy-to-use” lessons that include…

• The Dynamic Duo Of Backend Offers:  2 Things That People Will Often Buy

• 5 Kinds Of Backend Offers That Make The Perfect Finish To Your Funnel

• What To Offer To Charge $97, $197 or $297 Per Order

• 10 Ideas For Low-Cost, High-Conversion Accessory Add-Ons (That Sell Well)

• The Ultimate Backend Offer For Long-Term Benefits And Profits

• The 7-Step B.A.C.K.E.N.D. Blueprint For Deciding What Backend Is Best

• When, Where And How To Offer Your Product To Get The Best Results 

• The 5 Costliest Backend Product Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

• 10 Ready-to-Tweak Copy Swipes That Convert

• 7 Ways To Put On The Finishing Touches To Your Finishing Product

47 Pages Of “No Fluff, No Filler” Training!

Order Today And You Will Also Receive
Five Companion Worksheets At No Extra Cost

Funnels That Sell Worksheets (42 Pages)

This comprehensive set of five companion worksheets walks you step-by-step through the process of everything covered in the five courses, which makes it easy to take action. Each course has an accompanying “fill-in-the-blanks” worksheet that includes summary tips, ideas and examples.  Be sure to print these so you can easily work your way through each of the five courses.

5 Courses.  50 Lessons.  5 Bonus Worksheets. 300+ Pages Of Training.

Choose From Two Great Ways To Put This Course To Work For You

Do You Want To Read This Course Yourself Or Sell This Course To Others?

This 5-Course, 50-Lesson Package Has My “No Fluff, No Filler” Guarantee
And Is Jam-Packed With Immediately Useable Ideas, Examples, And Tips!

Option One:  Private Label Rights (PLR)

Would you like to SELL this product for $97.00 per order and keep 100% of every sale you make? This is the option for you! When you order the PLR version, you will get this product (all 5 complete courses and the companion worksheets) in editable .docx format for you to rebrand and sell as your own. You will also get a mini-sales page in .docx format. Simply format it to match your current site design, insert your order button, and you’re ready to take orders. Sell just a handful of copies, and you‘ll have your investment returned. Everything else is pure profit! You can add your name and branding to it, edit it in any way you want, extract from it or add to it or distribute it as is, sell it or give it away in whole or in part, and use it as if you wrote it yourself. There are many ways you can use this product in your business… click here for ideas and terms of use. Note: There are no refunds for PLR. 

You will receive the product and salesletter in editable DOCX format. 
You MAY sell or give away any portion of the product to other people.

Option Two:  Master Licensing (Sell PLR)

Would you like to SELL licensing to the product for $497.00 per order and keep 100% of every sale you make (plus sell personal use versions of the product for $97.00)? This is the option for you! When you order the master PLR version, you will receive all of the benefits of PLR licensing (Option Two above) plus your master PLR license entitles you to sell licensing (PLR, resell / resale, etc.) to the entire course.  Or you can take any piece out of the course and sell PLR licensing to that individual piece. Or you can compile multiple pieces to create your own unique package of PLR content to sell to others. Or you can tweak any of the content and create new PLR from it. You cannot advertise PLR to this package for less than $497 $147 (“MAP” pricing – minimum advertised price) unless you request and receive special permission in writingNote: There are no refunds for Master PLR. 

You will receive the product and salesletter in editable DOCX format. 
You MAY sell the product AND licensing to the product to other people.

Or, If You Do Not Wish To License This Content To Sell As Your Own And Only Want To
Purchase A Copy For Personal Reading, Click Here To Order For Just $97.00

Best regards,

P.S. Still on the fence?  Download the excerpt from the product above and take some time to read it.  You’ll see exactly what kind of product this is, and why it can be so helpful to you in serving your audience and profitable to your business as you serve them.  But don’t take too much time … you’ll want to put this product to use as soon as possible to start getting results.

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