Perseverance Minus Procrastination Equals Achievement Unlocked

Yes, The Journey Of A Thousand
Miles Begins With A Single Step,
But It Takes A Lot More Than That
To Finish What You Start

If You Can’t Seem To Get Going Or Keep Going When Going After The
Business And Life You’ve Always Wanted, That Can Change Right Now.

Success In Reaching Personal And Professional Goals Is Equal Parts
What To Do And What Not To Do In Getting Started And Getting Finished.

There is something out there that you’re reaching for. A target. An outcome. A result. Not a starting point, but an ending point. You want to unlock in your personal or professional life an achievement (actually, many of them) ranging from weight loss to financial gain, from running a marathon to running a business, from being a good money-manager to being a better golfer than your buddies to being the best parent you can be. But, make no mistake about it: you want to get there. Nobody wants to simply start the process; they want to finish the process. There are things you want to achieve which are very important to you. And while there can be satisfaction in the journey, the destination is the A-goal. The problem is this: there are a lot of things in the way that can prevent you from reaching that destination. There is busyness, distraction, lack of motivation, opposition, setbacks, lack of resources, self-doubt, fear and a whole lot of other things. Sometimes these barriers don’t let you get going and sometimes they don’t let you keep going. Unless… You know a way to get around, get through, get over and get past them. That’s where I’ve got some good news for you. Whether there is something holding you back from taking your first step or taking your final step, there are things you can do in order to set yourself up to succeed in getting the result you’re reaching for. Let’s see what they are…

Choose Your Right Steps. Correct Your Mis-Steps. Complete Your Final Steps.
This Is The Way To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be.

Introducing:  Achievement Unlocked

143-Page PDF Available For Immediate Download

You will appreciate this “no fluff, no filler” jam-packed course that is fully loaded with “easy-to-understand, easy-to-use” guides that will provide dozens of tips, ideas and examples to help you get going and keep going until you reach your personal and professional goals. You’ll learn how to “unlock achievements” that are reasonable and reachable while going after the business and life you’ve always wanted.

Each of the Twelve Guides Are 10-12 Pages Long.

They Are Detailed Enough To Share Everything You Need To Know And
Brief Enough That You Can Quickly Get Started Putting Them To Work For You.

Specifically, here are the twelve guides included in Achievement Unlocked

1.  The Goal-Setting Report: 17 Keys For Setting And Achieving Your Goals

2.  The Productivity Report: 17 Ways To Boost How Much You Get Done

3.  The Time Management Report: 17 Tactics For Making The Best Use Of Your Time

4.  The Motivation And Mindset Report: 17 Keys To Getting And Staying Motivated

5.  The Focus Report: 17 Tips For Keeping Things On Track

6.  The Planning Report: 17 Keys for Planning Your Path To Success

7.  The Implementation And Action Report: 17 Tips for Executing Your Plan

8.  The Networking and Partnering Report: 17 Insights For Working With Others

9.  The Learning Report: 17 Ideas For Continually Improving Your Skills

10. The Discipline Report: 17 Keys To Sticking With It (No Matter What)

11. The Habits Report: 17 Tips For Breaking Old Habits And Starting Better Ones

12. The Failure Report: 17 Tips For Turning Setbacks Into Comebacks

Achievement Unlocked is a jam-packed, up-to-date course that includes only the essential best practices for succeeding in personal and professional goals that really do help you get more of what you’re after in business and life.  This course is perfect for you if you are looking for a simple, straightforward solution for learning how to choose the right steps, correct the mis-steps and complete the final steps for getting important things done. If you’re looking for ideas and insights for personal and professional productivity, then there’s no need to look further.  The search is over.  You’ll find in Achievement Unlocked what you’ve been looking for elsewhere.

Each guide in the course is approximately 10-12 pages making them easy to read, digest and put to work immediately.  It is also perfect for beginners and up, simple enough that newbies can use it, and insightful enough that seasoned pros can glean from it.  As usual, it is written in the style I’m known for … making things simple. 

12 Guides.  140+ Pages.  1 Immediate Download.

In Achievement Unlocked, you’ll learn everything you need to know to get going and keep going to reach your personal, vocational, financial, recreational, social, relational and physical goals.  You’ll learn what to do and what not to do so you can get started and get finished.  Do / not to do.  Start / finish.  Both of these opposites are absolutely essential if you’re going to complete your own “thousand-mile journey” to arrive where you want to go in business and in life.  While I cannot guarantee you’ll accomplish everything you set out to do (or anything at all for that matter), I can absolutely equip you with the ideas, insights and information you need in order to get your achievements unlocked.

And because I’m a big believer in letting others “try it before you buy it,” I’ll even let you download the first guide at no charge to see if this collection of 12 guides is a good fit for you…

Choose From Two Great Ways To Put This Package To Work For You

Do You Want To Read This Package Yourself Or Sell It To Others?

This 12-Guide Package Is Backed By My “No Fluff, No Filler” Guarantee
And Is Jam-Packed With Immediately Useable Ideas, Examples, And Tips!

Option One:  Private Label Rights (PLR)

Would you like to SELL this product for $67.00 per order and keep 100% of every sale you make? This is the option for you! When you order the PLR version, you will get this product in editable .docx format for you to rebrand and sell as your own. You will also get a mini-sales page in .docx format. Simply format it to match your current site design, insert your order button, and you’re ready to take orders. Sell just a handful of copies, and you‘ll have your investment returned. Everything else is pure profit! You can add your name and branding to it, edit it in any way you want, extract from it or add to it or distribute it as is, sell it or give it away in whole or in part, and use it as if you wrote it yourself. There are many ways you can use this product in your business… click here for ideas and terms of use. Note: There are no refunds for PLR. 

You will receive the product and salesletter in editable DOCX format. 
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Would you like to SELL licensing to the product for $297.00 per order and keep 100% of every sale you make (plus sell personal use versions of the product for $67.00)? This is the option for you! When you order the master PLR version, you will receive all of the benefits of PLR licensing (Option Two above) plus your master PLR license entitles you sell licensing (PLR, resell / resale, etc.) to the entire course.  Or you can take any piece out of the course and sell PLR licensing to that individual piece. Or you can compile multiple pieces to create your own unique package of PLR content to sell to others. Or you can tweak any of the content and create new PLR from it. You cannot advertise PLR to this package for less than $297 $77 (“MAP” pricing – minimum advertised price) unless you request and receive special permission in writingNote: There are no refunds for Master PLR. 

You will receive the product and salesletter in editable DOCX format. 
You MAY sell the product AND licensing to the product to other people.

Or, If You Do Not Wish To License This Content To Sell As Your Own And Only Want To
Purchase A Copy For Personal Reading, Click Here To Order For Just $67.00

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P.S. Still on the fence?  Download the excerpt from the product above and take some time to read it.  You’ll see exactly what kind of product this is, and why it can be so helpful to you in serving your audience and profitable to your business as you serve them.  But don’t take too much time … you’ll want to put this product to use as soon as possible to start getting results.

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