PLR Terms

Effective date:  July 25, 2019

RESTRICTIONS: What Can’t You Do With These Materials?

  • To protect the value of these products, you may not pass on the rights to your customers. This means that your customers may not have PLR rights or reprint / resell rights passed on to them.

  • You may not pass on any kind of licensing (PLR, reprint / resell, etc.) to ANY offer created from ANY PORTION OF this content that would allow additional people to sell or give away any portion of the content contained in this package.

  • You may not mention Jimmy D. Brown as the author or creator of these materials in any way in your marketing, development of products or usage of these materials. However, you MAY include the following blurb (this is NOT required)…

“This product is based on original course curriculum developed by
Jimmy D. Brown of and obtained through authorized licensing.”

  • You may not offer 100% commission to affiliates selling your version / copy of this product. The maximum affiliate commission you may pay out for offers created that include parts of this content is 75%.

  • You are not permitted to give the complete materials away in their current state for free – they must be sold. They must be excerpted and / or edited to be given away, unless otherwise noted. Example: You ARE permitted to excerpt portions of content for blog posts, lead magnets, etc.

  • You may not add this content to any part of an existing customer order that would not require them to make an additional purchase. (IE You cannot add it to a package, membership site, etc. that customers have ALREADY paid for.)

  • Jimmy D. Brown reserves the right to make final decisions on any usage of PLR content purchased from this site that is not specifically addressed in these terms and his decision is final.

PERMISSIONS: What Can You Do With These Materials?

  • Sell the content basically as it is (with some minor tweaks to make it “yours”).

    If you are going to claim copyright to anything created with this content, then you must substantially change at 75% of the content to distinguish yourself from other licensees.

  • Break up the content into small portions to sell as individual reports for $10-$20 each.
  • Bundle the content with other existing content to create larger products for $47-$97 each.
  • Setup your own membership site with the content and generate monthly residual payments!
  • Take the content and convert it into a multiple-week “eclass” that you charge $297-$497 to access!
  • Use the content to create a “physical” product that you sell for premium prices!
  • Convert it to audios, videos, membership site content and more.

  • Excerpt and / or edit portions of the content to give away for free as blog posts, reports, etc. to use as lead magnets, incentives and more!

  • Create your own original product from it, set it up at a site and “flip” the site for megabucks!

If you have any question about what is and is not permissible, please click the
support link below and open a ticket for clarification by a staff member.

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