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There is a frenzy and excitement associated with certain events
that appear on the calendar JUST ONCE every twelve months as…



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Dear Friend,

Anticipation. If there is one word that really describes the annual pinnacle moments of entertainment, sports, and business, it's anticipation.

Which team will win the big game? Who will receive the top award? What will the new release be like?

When things of significance to us only happen once per year or so, we get really excited as we draw closer to the big day. Just try steering clear of the hot topic in conversations ... just try. It's all every one seems to be talking about.


Not just any 'ol event gets us worked up. It has to be something BIG. Something momumental. Something that dazzles...

PLR Sites are everywhere, but there is
only one package from the man who started PLR!

In 2001 I launched a monthly "resale rights" membership site (Profits Vault Monthly) that had a very successful run. I personally wrote each new product that members received each month. After a couple of years doing this I got "burned out" from the demands of creating new products on a regular basis and considered closing down the site or selling it.

Both of these options posed a problem for me. The site was making a lot of money every month, so simply closing it down seemed like a foolish thing to do. But, I couldn't simply sell it ... since members remained loyal because I was personally creating the content. A new owner wouldn't work as members would no longer be getting MY content.

One month I simply couldn't take it any longer. I looked at my computer and saw 4 or 5 reports that I had outsourced to ghostwriters and I decided that I'd just give them all to the members that month. There were reports on press releases, blogging, online auctions, success, making money. I told members they had a license to do anything they wanted with the content, even giving them suggestions on how to use the reports.

I called them "products in the rough".

people went absolutely bezerk!

Members loved them! People were talking about them on the forums. Everybody was scrambling to join the site so they could get them. Little did I know it, but the PLR market as we know it today was birthed right there.*

The next month I did it again, this time providing members with "niche" reports such as getting in shape, relationships, time management and low carb recipes.

again people went bezerk!

I knew I was on to something. I called my buddy Ryan Deiss up and arranged for a trip to Austin to visit him. We had co-authored a couple of information products together and I wanted to get him in on this. We spent several days brainstorming and registered in 2003.

We were working on the salesletter when Ryan asked me an all-important question...

What should we call this licensing?

It's not "resale rights" ... it's not "master rights" ... it's not "duplication rights".

What is it?

I looked at him and said,

Presto... the plr industry officially got a title was launched, making it the very first successful PLR site as we know it today online. We sold out the initial 1,500 monthly memberships in a matter of days. And since that time dozens upon dozens of sites have launched to sell PLR content.

who cares? you will because...

I am well-known for creating the highest-quality PLR content in the industry. Don't take my word for it, go ahead and Google me. ("Jimmy D. Brown") You'll find that my content is held in very high regard.

In fact, when I release PLR content with a limited number of packages available, they are usually in such demand that they sell out quickly. I created five such packages for five consecutive weeks and ALL FIVE of them sold out. And these were a minimum of $97 and up to $697 per package.

You don't command those kinds of prices in that kind of
demand without being able to deliver the goods.

When you grab the Profits Vault 2017 package below you WILL get extremely high-quality content. That is a guarantee.

Listen, there are three kinds of content when it comes to PLR...

1. crummy

There's no polite way to say this: some PLR content just stinks. If you've purchased a lot of private label works in the past, then you know what I mean. There are a lot of sites that hire extremely low-cost writers from non-English speaking countries and the result is shabby content that you'll have to spend hours of time rewriting. Wasn't that the reason you wanted PLR content in the first place ... so you wouldn't have to spend time doing it all yourself?

2. common

There are also some sites out there that provide content that is "good enough" to get by. It's not awful. It's ordinary. Common. Average. Nothing wrong with it if that's what you want. These sites usually have good ghostwriters, so grammar and context should be fine. The problem is this: they are usually written by people who have no experience or knowledge about the topic they are writing. You know that, right? Me personally, if I want parenting articles, I don't want them written by someone who has never had children themselves. Good writing is important, but better still is when good writing is combined with experience and knowledge.

3. choice

Finally, there is "choice" PLR content. Prime. High quality. 5-Star. This content represents the best of the best and isn't readily available. You simply won't find many places that offer licensing to this kind of first rate content. It's well written and oozes with insight and a voice that speaks from hands on experience. When you find a source for this kind of PLR you grab it immediately and keep going back as often as you can for more.

Why So Excited? Because of what you can do with it.

Like I said earlier, not just anything will get us excited. Crummy PLR won't do it. Not even common PLR will. But CHOICE, that's worth anticipating.

what gets you excited?

That's really the bottom line when it comes to buying and using private label content. It really depends on what type of consumer you are and what kind of materials you want to buy.

I'm guessing "crummy" or even "common" stuff doesn't get you excited. Of course, maybe you're wondering...

There are MANY ways to make money with PLR content. Here are just a few ways to profit from PLR included below...

And that's just the beginning. Here is a short list of 52 ways to quickly use PLR content...

As you can see, you've got lots of options! About the only thing you can't do is sell licensing to this content to other people. When you have high-quality PLR content at your disposal, the ways in which you can convert it into cash are diverse. And that makes you the headline story this year...

Yep, you. Congratulations. You're the big winner. :) Seriously, because of what you are about to access below, you've got "winner" written on your forehead. And soon to be plastered all over your business!

A "winner" is someone who comes out on top. Someone who gets the prizes. The person who succeeds. The Profits Vault PLR Package v15 is certain to be the one real boost to your business that you've been anticipating.

  1. You'll SAVE TIME by not having to write content yourself. Instead of spending weeks (maybe months) writing just ONE ebook, you'll have instant access to multiple products that you can tweak and claim as your own.

  2. You'll be able to create MULTIPLE STREAMS of income. Everyone knows that selling only one or two products won't create significant, sustainable income. It's having MULTIPLE streams of money coming in that count!

  3. You'll produce professional quality products ON A BUDGET. Instead of hiring some high-priced ghostwriter, you can get incredibly high-caliber materials for pennies on the dollar.

Listen, if that doesn't make you a winner, I don't know what does! :)

So, enough yammering, right? You've heard enough. What exactly do you get? How about this...


Everything in the Profits Vault 2017 PLR Package is BRAND NEW, 100% never-before-released content. It's not available anywhere else ... period! I've never sold it, given it away, shared or, or showed it to anyone else before.

And, once you see what I've packed into Profits Vault 2017, I'm confident you'll want to buy it just for your own personal use. But don't forget, you get PLR (Private Label Rights) licensing to the entire package. Over 500 pages!

Here is what is included...

Article Bank

PLR to 20 High-Quality, In-Demand Blog Posts

Load them to your blog, put ‘em on Facebook, or you can even upload them to your autoresponder to start building your list! You get 37 pages of content across these 20 high-quality blog posts:

1. The Internet Marketer’s Toolkit
2. The Internet Marketer’s Website Audit
3. How to Fund Your New Online Business
4. Five Customer Service Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make
5. Questions to Ask Before You Price Your Product
6. Five Info-Product Creation Tips, Tricks and Hacks
7. Fifteen Product-Naming Templates
8. Five Social Media Platforms Every Online Marketer Ought to Consider
9. How to Get More Shares on Social Media
10. The SEO Checklist
11. How to Find Guest Blogging Opportunities
12. The Video Marketing Cheat Sheet
13. The Effective List-Building Checklist
14. How to Monetize Your Blog
15. The PPC Advertising Checklist
16. Surefire Tips for Recruiting High-Quality JV Partners
17. Five Ways to Promote Your Business Offline
18. The Outsourcing Worksheet
19. How to Create an Awesome Product Brief
20. Are You Making These Productivity Mistakes?


PLR to 52 Questions and Answers (Group Coaching Pack)

Here you get 134 pages of premium content. Upload these 52 group-coaching questions and answers to your autoresponder, insert links to related backend products, and you’ll have an entire year of passive income instantly ready to go! Here’s what you get:

NOTE: I originally planned to set this up as a product called "Autopilot Coaching: A Year's Worth Of Set It And Forget It Group Coaching Emails" and sell it for $47 for personal use and $247 for PLR, but decided to INCLUDE it in this year's Profits Vault package!

1. What tools and services do I need to launch my info product business?
2. How do you ensure your new product is going to be a profitable product?
3. What is a sales funnel and how do you plan one?
4. How do you create a product?
5. How DO YOU create a video product?
6. How DO YOU create an enticing lead magnet?
7. How do you create residual income?
8. Why aren't people taking advantage of my upsell?
9. How do you craft a good sales letter?
10. How do I improve my sales letter conversion rate?
11. How do I use social media to grow my business?
12. How do I leverage partner traffic (joint ventures)?
13. What’s the secret of recruiting super affiliates?
14. What are the best ways to motivate affiliates?
15. How do I get started blogging?
16. What are your best practices for guest blogging?
17. How do I develop a traffic plan?
18. How do I set up a mailing list?
19. How can I improve my mailing list profits?
20. What is list segmentation?
21. How do I create a premium product?
22. How can I use PLR to build my business?
23. What is product splintering?
24. How do I create an effective, high-converting tripwire product?
25. How do I sell more products on the backend?
26. What’s the secret of maximizing product profits?
27. How do I craft an effective autoresponder series?
28. What are the best ways to get referral business?
29. Where are the best places to take out paid advertising?
30. What is testing and tracking?
31. How DO YOU get more done in less time?
32. What kind of products can I create?
33. What are the best markets for info product creators?
34. How do you start or run a business on a shoestring budget?
35. How to find a competent freelancer?
36. What can I outsource?
37. Which advertising methods/traffic sources should I focus on?
38. How do I break into a new niche?
39. I'm not making very good money as an affiliate. What am I doing wrong?
40. How do I generate renewed excitement around an existing product?
41. Will holding a contest benefit my business?
42. What kind of promotions will help me sell more products?
43. How do I announce a sale to my mailing list?
44. How do I start selling physical products?
45. What kind of content should I post on my blog?
46. How DO YOU create a webinar?
47. How do you make money with a free webinar?
48. Can you give an example of how to create an effective autoresponder series?
49. What can I sell on the backend?
50. How do I earn my prospects' trust?
51. If you were starting over today, what would you do?
52. How do I take my business to the next level?

Email Mini-Courses

PLR FOR TWO Ready-Made, Multi-Part Autoresponder Courses

Inside this premium PLR pack you get two email mini courses which include five emails each. These make great lead magnets to attract new subscribers, or send them to your existing subscribers to generate more profit!

Here’s what you get:

Mini Course 1: How to S.T.A.R.T. an Online Business

This course includes the following five emails that you can upload to your autoresponder immediately:

This is a great crash-course to help beginners choose a profitable business model, get the funding they need, picking a market, and launching their business! And you’ll love it too, because there are plenty of places to insert your backend sales links for products and services!


This course includes the following five emails:

By the time your customer finishes this series, they’ll know exactly how to make money with PLR – and you’ll have made several backend sales!


PLR for 14 Business and Marketing Reports

Here you get 125 pages of premium content across 14 reports. You can give these reports away as lead magnets, sell them as low-cost tripwire products, upload the content to your autoresponder or blog, and much more.

Report one: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Competitors’ Affiliates And Putting Them To Work For You

Smart vendors know that one of the keys to creating a successful affiliate program is that you need to go out and recruit your own affiliates. But not just any affiliates. You want proven affiliates who’ll produce great results for you. And that’s why this report shows you how to swipe your competitor

Report TWO: The 2016 PLR Buyer’s Guide

Ever notice that there are a whole lot of PLR vendors online? If you want to get top-quality content, then you can’t just toss a dart out into the ether and expect to get good results. That’s why this report reveals the five simple steps for finding and buying the very best PLR content online!

Report THREE: The Perfect 4-Part Email Series Template Set for Getting Sales

Heads up – sending out a single email pitching a product isn’t going to get very good results. This is especially true if you’re sending this email out to a list of subscribers who don’t yet know, like and trust you.

The solution? Send out a multi-part series that not only builds relationships but generates sales. And that’s exactly what this four-part series does for you! You’ll get four template emails that you can use in any niche to start getting better results!

Report FOUR: The 10 Smartest Things You Can Do to Promote Your Product

Do you know what the #1 key is to selling a lot of products?

It’s this: taking consistent steps every day to promote your product.

If you’re wondering what kind of steps to take, you’re in luck. That’s because this report reveals the 10 smartest things you can do to promote your product! So download now and start generating more cash for your business right away!

Report FIVE: 101 Blog Post Title Templates That Get Attention

If your blog title doesn’t capture attention, then you’re dead in the water before you even start. That’s why you need a snazzy title that grabs your prospects by the shirt collar and stops ‘em in their tracks.

How do you create this sort of attention-getting title? Easy – just use the 101 templates included in this package! This is titling made easy!

Report SIX: 17 Ways to Make Passive Income Online

You don’t have to work harder to make more money online – you just need to work smarter. That means installing passive income streams into your business.

What kind of income streams?

That’s exactly what you’re about to discover inside this report, where you’ll discover 17 surefire ways to make a passive income online!

Report SEVEN: 5 Ways to Make $500 Per Week

Are you looking for a way to start making money online?  Or perhaps you just want to create another income stream that brings in a reliable source of cash?  Either way, you’ll love these five proven ideas for slipping an extra $500 into your pocket every week!

Report EIGHT: The 7-Step Guide to Making Money with Your Words

All around the web there are people who are making money with nothing but their words. You’ve probably seen some of these folks. Maybe you’ve even felt a little envious of their success. And perhaps you’ve wondered how they do it.

Good news—you’re about to find out. And that’s because this seven-step guide will show you how you too can make money with only your words!

Report NINE: The 5 Best Ways to Ethically Borrow Another People’s Traffic

What you’re about to discover are five super-effective and completely ethical ways to “borrow” traffic from others. The big advantage is that some of this traffic is already very warm, especially if the traffic comes from a joint venture partner. And most of these high-reward, low-risk traffic strategies are completely free!

Report TEN: How to Go from Zero to A Full Sales Funnel In 24 Hours

If there’s one thing most everyone knows about building a successful information business, it’s that you need to create a sales funnel. Simply put, you won’t get rich selling just one product. Instead, you need to build a complete sales funnel with lead magnets, tripwires, core offers and more.

Problem is, all of this takes time.  A lot of time.

But what if you could get this whole sales funnel put together with just 24 hours of work? If you do eight-hour days, that’s only three days.

Sound impossible? It’s not. And this report shows you exactly how to do it!

Report ELEVEN: A 30-Day Plan for Marketing Your Information Business

If you want to grow your information product business, then you need to take consistent steps every day to get your content, links and offers in front of your most targeted prospects.

That’s why inside this report you’ll get a 30-day marketing plan that includes: starting an affiliate program, guest blogging, doing joint ventures, social media marketing, and paid advertising. By the time this month is over, you’re going to have plenty of traffic…and profits!

Report TWELVE: The 7-Step Plan for Creating a Buyer’s Guide That Gets Subscribers and Sales

A buyer’s guide is a great lead magnet or freemium to offer to your prospects and customers. Not only do your prospects find it valuable, but it’s also a great way for you to generate sales effortlessly. Just distribute your buyer’s guide for free, and then watch sales come in on the backend.

So how do you create something like this? Simple – by following the seven-step plan revealed inside this exciting report!

Report THIRTEEN: The 7-Day Guide to Making Money with Facebook Advertising

You’ve probably heard about some marketers having remarkably good success with Facebook ads. And no wonder – these ads let you tap into a huge pool of prospects that you define using demographics and behaviors.

Best of all, you only need to spend a few minutes a day setting up and running your campaign. And this report shows you exactly how to plan, create and launch a profitable ad campaign!

Report FOURTEEN: Fifty Ideas for Turning 10 Pages and An Email Account In $97-$297

Do you want to make money online?

Get this: all you need to do is create 10 pages of content, get an autoresponder, and you can make money by setting up a coaching class! Sounds good, right? But maybe you’re wondering what kind of course YOU can create.

Good news – you’re about to get your hands on 50 amazing ideas across 10 popular markets, including:

Check it out – I think you’re going to love these profitable ideas!

Products To Sell

PLR to three complete products you can sell from $9.97-27.00 each

NOTE: I originally planned to RELEASE THESE THREE PRODUCTS AND PLR TO THEM INDIVIDUALLY OVER A FEW MONTHS, BUT DECIDED TO INCLUDE THEM ALL IN THIS package. PLr to each would normally sell for $97-$127 each at my, but are included at no additional charge!

PRODUCT 1: Membertivity

Here’s a product you can sell which includes 20 critical checklist guides for starting and growing a profitable membership site! This pack includes two pieces:

Sell these checklists for $27 for the pack of 20, and you’ll recoup your investment in this entire PLR package and start pocketing profit within just four sales!

NOTE: This product has never been released before and is a "sister" product to the wildly popular Emailtivity, Traffictivity, Ebooktivity, Blogtivity, and Afftivity packages. PLR to each of those sells for $127 and that's what you would normally pay for a license to Membertivity!


This PLR pack of premium content includes another never-before-released product which includes:

You can easily sell this product for $27.00… starting today!

PRODUCT 3: the profit streams toolkit

This pack of never-before-released PLR content is a great "tripwire" product to sell as a frontend offer at a low-cost. It highlights 24 ways to profit from an Internet business andincludes two pieces:

You can sell this product all day long for $9.97 each! Click Here to download the salesletter to learn more about the product.

i'm sold! what's it gonna cost me?

If you bought the individual pieces of this package for PERSONAL USE ONLY you'd spend up to $297.00. And that wouldn't get you any licensing at all. Just the materials to read for your own use. For PLR licensing to these high-quality materials, you'd expect to pay a premium ... an even higher price point! And if you wanted to hire someone to create these for you...


That's half price for what you'd pay for this package for PERSONAL USE ONLY if you bought everything individually. But you're getting private label rights (PLR) licensing to everything listed above to use as if you created it yourself! This is truly worth at least $497.00 and probably $697.00!

PLR To Membertivity Would Cost You $127 Alone!
PLR To Winning Webinars Would Cost You $127 Alone!
PLR To The Profit Streams Toolkit Would Cost You $97 Alone!

You get all three of those products to sell PLUS all of the blog posts, mini-courses, reports and group coaching! At the price I'm offering you, it's a no-brainer!

You Get It All..


Even if nothing else was included but the materials for your personal use only, this would be an INCREDIBLE package deal for this price. Factor in the licensing and this is the champ.

You get PLR to everything...

Article Bank: PLR to 20 High-Quality, In-Demand Blog Posts
GROUP COACHING: PLR to 52 Questions and Answers for year-long coaching
REPORTS: PLR for 14 Business and Marketing Reports
PRODUCTS: plr for 3 complete products you can sell for $9.97-$27.00 EACH

PLR To over 500 pages of
brand new content For only $147!

Order Now

Best regards,

RESTRICTIONS: What Can't You Do With These Materials?